Surfer-shaper-artist-screenprinter, Wayne Satterwhite, Jr. is the Northeast Florida surf community’s resident renaissance man. Aside from being one of the region’s most talented surfers, the multi-hyphenate and Aqua East team rider is a gifted screen printer and representational artist who has lately been drawing and painting on everything from canvasses to skate ramps to the surfboards he’s been building for himself and others. On the recent Volcom Road Rager surf trip down the Atlantic coast of Florida, Satterwhite fit right in, creating wild imagery and shredding various sandbars next to multifarious surfer-artists Ozzie Wright and Ryan Burch.

“Surfing is the ultimate inspiration,” says Satterwhite, clad in the Volcom New Shield Tee. “Surfing fuels skating, building boards, and of course, more surfing.” Photo: Ian Bunch

A family man with irrepressible energy and creativity, when Satterwhite’s not doting on his two young kids, he’s likely skating, dominating the lineup of one of our area’s premier breaks, or getting lost inside his warehouse compound off of Mayport Road, engrossed in some manner of messy, creative pursuit.

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So when Volcom needed a test-pilot/stunt-driver to put its 2018 line of board shorts through the ringer—someone capable of assessing the ability of the shorts high-tech constructions, innovative performance properties, and environmentally conscious fabric blends to stand up to the daily rigors of a veritable “True to This” lifestyle—Satterwhite was the obvious choice. Volcom’s newest line of Stoneys certainly stays true to the brand’s revelrous and playful Youth Against Establishment origin story, combining Volcom’s archetypal cosmic color schemes and psychedelic, asymmetrical lines with the latest advancements in comfort, durability and sustainability.

We followed Satterwhite, clad in the 4-way stretch Psyched Stoneys made from hemp fiber, as he went about his usual business—a surf session at the pier and a creative session (and skate break) at his warehouse. 

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This distinctive crop of Volcom board shorts, available locally at Aqua East Surf Shop, is the perfect fit for Satterwhite’s authentically creative Northeast Florida lifestyle.   

“I can’t let my time on earth go to waste not being creative, everyday.” Photo: Ian Bunch

“I’m always inspired by creative people who make an honest living doing whatg they love,” says Satterwhite. Here he is, living it up, in the Lucid Stoneys and Broha Short Sleeve shirt, available at Aqua East. Photo: Ian Bunch

All products in this feature can be found locally at Aqua East Surf Shop. Photo: Cole LoCurto

This sponsored feature originally appeared in Void Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 2, The Outdoor Issue.