Whether piloting a setup of turntables for an inclusive DJ set at a DIY venue, moderating a mayoral candidate Q&A in a formal setting, or rocking the mic among the couches and cubicles of Void’s office, if there’s a space to perform, Geexella finds a way to take center stage.

The singer-MC-DJ-activist, along with legendary producer and hip-hop artist Willie Evans, Jr., stopped by a few months ago and turned our communal area into a revelrous venue. While the performance included spurts of fun banter and plenty of audience participation, Geexella’s music served as master of ceremonies, as the young, multi-hyphenate charmed and enraptured our staff with a trio of tunes from a burgeoning catalogue that address a range of topics from self-empowerment, activism, and internal reflections, set to beats that showcase the artist’s multifarious influences.

Click play and watch Geexella shine. Presented by The Amp.

0:00 Bring Me Back

4:40 Lucid Dreamer

9:23 She Trippin

Produced by: Matthew Shaw || Film/Edit: John Massey || Sound Engineering/Mixing: Glenn Van Dyke Presented by: The Amp (theampsa.com)