As you waltz into GameStop with every intention of spending money only on a game you’ve already decided to purchase today, you’ll soon come to a question that will stop you in your tracks.

“Are there any games coming out soon that you’d like to pre-order?”

If you’ve been to GameStop before, you know that no transaction is complete without this question. How should you answer? If you’ve got some extra spending money, you should answer by pre-ordering one of these games.

If you’re like some gamers, you pre-order your games on Amazon with your Amazon Prime membership as doing so gets you 20 percent off the title price. If you do this, you avoid questions like the one above altogether. Lucky you.

Here’s some games to have on your radar this holiday season:

“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”

Another year, another “Call of Duty.”  While some are excited for this new game, I’m most excited for what comes with this game–“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.” When I think back to my favorite “Call of Duty,” “Modern Warfare,” the fourth mainline title in the franchise, is the first game to enter my mind. This game takes place in current times (or did when it was released), a time we understand and can relate to. The game takes you through an emotional campaign about defeating a terrorist force and their leader. This game harkens feelings Americans have felt in the past recently and because of that, it’s easy to connect to the story of this game. On top of that, the multiplayer is in a class of its own. “Modern Warfare” created the multiplayer that gamers expect with each new iteration of “Call of Duty.”

Brandon O’Toole, a friend of mine and the biggest gamer I know that isn’t myself, is very excited for the release of this game.

“This is a game I’m looking forward to because I’ll get to play online with my friends and let’s be honest, ‘Call of Duty’ has the most refined online multiplayer.”

You can play this game Nov. 4 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

“Battlefield 1”

On the other end of the spectrum, opposite “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” is “Battlefield 1.” While “Infinite Warfare” takes itself to years far beyond 2016, “Battlefield 1” goes in the opposite direction to World War 1.

Known for its life-like graphics, its highly-competitive and hectic multiplayer, and thrilling campaign, “Battlefield” is a series that almost always delivers.

If you’re looking for a first-person shooter to play this fall but want to go back in time rather than forward, “Battlefield 1” is the game for you.

You can play this game Oct. 21 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

“Final Fantasy XV”

Since its beginning on the NES, “Final Fantasy” has been a behemoth of a franchise. It is arguably the world’s most renowned Japanese role-playing game, and with each and every release, sells millions of copies.

“Final Fantasy” has always been about a band of heroes trying to save the world. Who those heroes are and what dangers they face change with every iteration, but “Final Fantasy” knows what its audience is looking for.

In the 15th mainline installment of the series, we see Noctis, the protagonist of the story, and his three best friends set out to take back what’s rightfully his–his homeland.

“Final Fantasy XV’s” release comes with much trepidation from many gamers and myself alike. This game was announced in 2006, which means that this game has been in development for 10 years, and with video games, time spent developing does not directly equate to greatness. In fact, you could argue the opposite.

Ten years of development often means that a lot has gone wrong, especially considering that games take usually two to five years to develop. From the looks of it, it seems this game will pan out greatly for fans of the series, but we won’t know for sure until it is released.

With 10 years of waiting behind this game, it’s hard not to put this game on my most–anticipated upcoming releases.

You can play this game on Nov. 29 on Xbox One and PS4.

“Pokémon Sun and Moon”

If there’s any game that defines my childhood (and chances are yours too) it’s “Pokémon.” This franchise has been around since 1995, and still to this day, excites millions and millions across the globe.

The latest iteration of “Pokémon” comes in the forms of “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.” Like with every mainline “Pokémon” game, two versions are released. Not too much differs between the versions other than minor character changes, Pokémon available to catch and small setting changes.

“Pokémon Moon” focuses more on the night, while “Pokémon Sun” focuses on the day.

Because this is a new generation of “Pokémon,” players can expect all new Pokémon, a brand-new setting and yet another exciting story.

If you don’t know what “Pokémon” is, it’s a game about catching monsters and using them to battle. There’s much more to it but that’s what it essentially boils down to.

You can play these games on Nov. 18 on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 2DS.

While there are many games I’m leaving off this list, these are the games that I think you should be looking forward to as 2016 comes to a close.

Maybe I’m leaving off your most anticipated game. Maybe none of the games I listed appeal to you—and that is OK.

Video games are about diving into a world that isn’t yours and allowing yourself to become a part of it. The world you dive into doesn’t have to be the same world I lose myself in. Whether it be one of the games on this list or a different title, I hope you find the same enjoyment I plan to in one coming soon.

By Wesley Leblanc | UNF Communication Student