Hopefully by now, you’ve heard about this awesome little gaming and charity event called GAAM, or Games, Art and Music. Last year’s event, featuring a Final Fantasy theme, played host to an amazing night of music, arcade games, tournaments, cosplay contests and free beer. Ya. Free beer. With such a strong previous year, the people behind the event hope to make this year’s Avengers-themed show an even bigger success.

So, what exactly is GAAM you ask? Ryan Thompson, president and founder of GAAM, said, “GAAM is probably most easily defined as a culture company, centered around video games. The GAAM Show is the main event/product we put on, and every now and then, we do other gaming activities here and there, like the GAAM ICONS event at MOSH, or toy drives with Fuzion Vapor.”


If you missed last year’s event, or thought it couldn’t be topped, wait till you see what activities will be available this time around.

A host of live music will be going all night long, with tunes from The Hydro Matic, Shane Barber, On Guard and many others. In addition to these great activities, three of Jacksonville’s favorite food trucks, The Happy Grilled Cheese, Delish Kebabs Inc. and Danilo’s Famous Lumpia, will be in attendance, along with free beer from Aardwolf Brewery during select hours (aka get there early).

No stranger to art, this year’s GAAM art installation and exhibit will be dedicated to Captain America and the Avengers. The GAAM Charity Art Invitational Auction, a live art auction from works around the globe, will also take place, where the hosts roast the crowd and give out prizes. Of course, GAAM wouldn’t be complete without games, so attendees should expect more great GAAM-styled gaming tournaments, arcade and casual games and even indie games from designers around the area.

Thompson said that he hopes people come to GAAM and see that video games aren’t just for kids. “There’s a huge industry and community around it. I hope they become aware of the charities we support, and people look into gaming as a career, either as a creator or competitor, and let the industry take a foothold in Jacksonville.”

For more info on the event, visit GAAM’s Facebook, website or get tickets here.