Future Hendrix continues to ride the wave of his “What A Time To Be Alive” project with his latest surprise mixtape Purple Reign, a mixtape which remains true to Future’s love for the streets, material excess and lean (surprise, surprise). Executive produced by Metro Boomin’ and DJ Esco, this project remains consistent to the Future’s trademark sound that has made him one of the top rappers in the genre currently.

The first full track on the project titled, “All Right,” produced by Metro Boomin’ and Moon, is a standout as one of the bangers on the mixtape. Future’s taste for ambient, air melodic loops with thumping 808s is executed very well on this track once again with a hook that’s sure to be a catch. This is a boisterous track to say the least, as Future audaciously flaunts his wealth bar after bar.

Smokin’ this dodie, I’m downin’ this Codeine
Diamonds shinin’ to infinity
I got 10 rings like it’s 10 of me
I got money, fame, I got enemies
I can feel the pain of my enemy
I been downin’ Percocets with Hennessy
I can hear the hood sayin’ they proud of me

Immediately following this track, we have Metro teaming up with Southside for the track “Wicked.” This track is a classic trap banger with overdramatized strings and drums. A little later on in the project, we have, “Drippin,” a track that would have fit perfectly on his previous release WATTBA with the structure of the melody and its dark, drawling vibe. The autotune is heavy on this one, which is certainly not a rarity with Future, but it sounds quite appealing to the ears nonetheless.

“Inside the Mattress,” produced by Nard & B, is one of the better tracks on the album, with its top-notch, smooth production as Future pays homage to the hustle. This is a track that certainly has the potential to garner significant radio play. “Salute” has great energy with its, edgy, menacing instrumentation. On this cut, Future enjoys the fruits of his labor and reflects on how far he’s come as he raps:

When I jumped out the porch, I was selling that crack like that sh*t was a sport
I was running through bushes, jumping over fences, I gotta get away from them narcs
Hey, man I can never get away from this art
They treat you like Lord, they treat you like God when you beat the odds
None of my dreams was reality just a few years ago, homie was starving
Just a few years ago, homie was starving

Although this mixtape is not outstanding by any means, at minimum, it should serve to satiate Future fanatics until his next highly anticipated project. It still has a few bangers mixed in with the many tracks that are not necessarily poor in quality, but are a bit nondescript and mundane in nature. Will Future be able to solidify his position among the ranks of hip-hop royalty? Only time will tell, but this project may not be enough to do the trick.

Standout Tracks: “All Right,” “Inside The Mattress” and “Salute”
Overall Rating: 7/10