Industry West is a national e-commerce designer of furniture, lighting and accessories. Their Jacksonville location opened a little over a year ago, and while you cannot walk out with a chair in hand, the studio shows the breath of fresh air that Industry West has given to furniture design. Amy Reese, Director of Operations at Industry West explains that when it comes to inspiration, “We try to create new things that pull from our respect to form and function and adopt fresh colors and materials.”

Take for example, Industry West’s Lucia chair. The basic design of this plastic shell chair can be attributed to the work of design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s. Fast forward to today and you’ll see this iconic design with a fresh twist – Industry West offers the Lucia chair in an array of unique color combinations, such as tangerine on chrome or periwinkle on walnut.

Furniture 3

Aesthetic appeal and function is a combination that has lent success to brands such as Apple or Audi. Knowing this harmony and being able to do it well results in well-designed products, and Industry West’s case, furniture. Industry West’s design integrates four key components: efficiency, simplicity, usability and cleanliness. Reese explains how the design process, then, is “the ability to integrate these things together seamlessly so that the furniture is more than just these individual characteristics.”

“Design is very hard to define, and I think that is what makes it so intriguing and gives it its power.” – Amy Reese, Director of Operations at Industry West

A defining feature of Industry West is its role as a solution. In fact, it started out of a family’s need to find a set of six dining chairs that were a great design and quality at an affordable price. Since then, they have expanded nationally and create everything from chairs and tables to lighting, cushions and office supplies. The solutions do not stop with furniture, which is evident in Industry West’s commitment to charity. They currently work with four organizations nationally, and plan on being just as involved locally. Their support for charities particularly focuses on those organizations that help children, family, the arts, and community building.

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While Industry West’s Jacksonville location is not a retail store, they intend to be involved in the Jacksonville community. Jordan England, founder of Industry West, sees the studio as a “go-to place for really well-designed, thoughtful process.” Both England and Reese recognize the potential that Jacksonville has to offer as they continue to grow.

“Jacksonville is full of amazingly talented people with a love of design and we hope to continue to collaborate with people who share our passion and create even more amazing things together,” said Reese.