Paryse Lambert, Owner of popular Jacksonville food truck, Full of Crepe, opened a brick and mortar restaurant in Riverside last month. The new eatery, The Stuffed Beaver, embraces Lambert’s French Canadian roots, offering authentic comfort food from fresh cut poutine, to castor tails and crepes. 

Lambert invites you to leave pretensions at the door and enjoy poutine as a meal (not an appetizer!). With eight poutine variations on the menu you can try the pot pie, brunch, or the garden, to name a few. Ultimately Lambert wants  to change the way we perceive the combination of hand cut french fries, gravy and curd cheese, encouraging us to enjoy it an authentic Québécois fashion, as a meal.

Other menu items include homemade burgers, crepes in house made batter, sandwiches, salads, and castor tails for dessert (think crispy croissant meets donut with powdered sugar). The Stuffed Beaver offers gluten free fries as well as vegan gravy from Canada.

And, where did the restaurant’s name originate? Well, the beaver ate too much poutine, of course.

The Stuffed Beaver is open 11 AM- 7 PM at 2548 Oak Street.

Castor Tail!