The man who FSU fans knew as Chief Osceola was killed last week over an argument about gumbo. Caleb Johnson Halley, who played the college’s beloved mascot from 2004 to 2007, was fatally stabbed after an argument with a coworker. The two men were working for a restaurant in Panama Beach.

According to the “Tallahassee Democrat,” the men started fighting after a disagreement about how much spice to add the restaurants gumbo dish. The two men then armed themselves with kitchen knives. Halley was stabbed three times.

From the “Tallahassee Democrat“:

According to police reports the two men were arguing over the amount of spice to put into Buddy’s Seafood Market gumbo Tuesday where the two men worked.

Thompson armed himself with a wooden board and Halley with a small wooden knife.

Thompson then retreated and returned with a knife, slashing Halley, causing three lacerations across his torso.