After Britain’s recent vote to exit the European Union, of which it has been a member for more than 40 years, people on this side of the pond are feeling a sudden surge of inspiration. Despite immediately tanking the global economy and willfully throwing their own homeland into utter political chaos, a lot of people are pretty stoked about the UK becoming more independent and isolated from its neighbors. A group of Texans have similar aspirations that they’ve been fighting to achieve for decades.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling for a “Texit” from the United States to regain the independence the state had very briefly from 1836 to 1846, before being annexed and made into a state. Members of the movement want the state to be able to make their own laws and not have to answer to a Federal government that they largely disagree with. Of course, they have conveniently chosen to forget that prior to the Republic of Texas era, the landmass was originally a part of Mexico and inhabited by indigenous Mesoamerican people. Many would argue that if Texas were to leave the U.S., it should rightfully be returned to Mexican possession. There was a whole war about this that no one seems to remember.


A whole new meaning to “Lone Star State.”

If the movement was successful, it would be an economic and logistical nightmare. What about all the citizens of Texas that would prefer to stay in the U.S.? Where are they supposed to go? Mexico would undoubtedly have a strong opinion on the matter as well. Not to mention that states cannot actually secede from the union. Last time that happened, it caused another minor scuffle you might have heard about in history class. Hence our constitution forbids that sort of thing these days. A supreme court ruling from 1869 decided firmly that in order for a state to secede, there would have to be an actual revolutionary uprising. A quarter of a million names on a petition isn’t going to do it. Of course, anything is possible these days.

A lot of people are also calling for Florida to voluntarily secede from the U.S., but that movement is more out of national embarrassment than state pride. Sorry America, Florida Man will always be around to make us all look bad … own it.