Local group Folk is People have just released a new music video for their single, “Crocodile.” The whimsical video was directed by Keagan Anfuso, who has worked with the group in the past. Anufso’s unique style creates a funny and light-hearted approach to, “the discomfort most bands experience at least once when playing for an audience that is less than enthusiastic about the performance.”

As the video plays out, the crowd of old timers eventually begin to listen and pay attention to the band before busting out some quirky dance moves into a full-blown dance party. Stacey Bennett, the group’s frontwoman, said the song is as close to a love song as you’ll ever get from her. “Crocodile” is a tune Bennett wrote for her wife early in their relationship upon receiving unsolicited negative responses from friends and family regarding the couple’s relationship.

Watch the video here:

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