Fletcher Varsity lacrosse had a pretty darn successful season this past year. At the conclusion of their 2017 season, the Fletcher team became the first Duval public school to win a district championship, allowing them to participate in the state playoffs.

We recently spoke with head coach Josh Covelli about the success of his team and fellow assistant coaches Bill Kelly, Lane Pitman and Matthew Ives.

So what does that successful season mean for the team? “It means going forward, we’ll probably be looked at as more of a competitive team from other schools,” Covelli said.

After their success in districts, the team went up against Ponte Vedra, who is one of the top teams in the state, and lost a tough match against the state playoff veterans. “Ponte Vedra is definitely the team to beat,” Covelli said. “They’ve got a great team, great coaching staff — they’ve got the perfect setup.”

One of the toughest challenges the Fletcher team faces is a lack of a JV team. While many other schools in the region have both varsity and JV teams, Fletcher does not.

Part of the success from this season came from the core of young players on the team who all started as freshmen, but are now juniors. With another year ahead of them still as seniors, Covelli and his team feel confident that next season will be even better. “These guys are coming into their own now and really understanding the game well,” he said. “I think the biggest thing going forward next year would be to compete with those schools that have a JV program and show that we’re really at that varsity level.”

With so many solid players on their roster returning next year, we’re betting you’ll be hearing a lot more out of the Fletcher lacrosse team in years to come!