So, you’ve caught your bucket list fish — the catch of a lifetime! Now, it’s time to capture this moment of greatness and a lifetime of bragging rights amongst fellow anglers! If it wasn’t photographed, did it ever really happen?

In order to make sure you’ve got the best looking proof of that catch, follow these tips and your photo will be flawless.

Photo Tips

    • Use A Decent Camera: Most phones will take a really good photo these days, and a camera of five megapixels or more will work! Just make sure the lens is clean of any smudges or fish slime, oh, and ensure it’s charged!
    • Always Shoot Towards Your Shadow: It’s easy to snap a quick pic after you’ve landed a trophy catch and to not even take time to think of your lighting. When in doubt, always shoot towards your shadow with the light at your back for vibrant images.
    • Create Interesting Angles: Stand up on the deck, tower, cooler, or lay on the floor. Creating different angles for your fishing photos adds a little depth of field and gives you a different look and feel than your standard fishing pictures.

Tight lines and great fish pics!