Eddy Braveaux

Eddy Braveaux – Alabaster Sand Castles

Jacksonville hip-hop producer and artist Eddy Braveaux has been featured on the pages of Void before, and with the release of his latest project, Alabaster Sand Castles, he returns. The EP was released back in October, but the work deserves some attention nonetheless. Featuring a 10-track lineup, Braveaux’s latest release is another solid showcase of his skill, with tracks ranging from atmospheric beats to full-fledged singles like, “All My Life,” featuring one of Jacksonville’s best rappers — DoLA. If you’re looking for some good chillwave tunes, beats to help you focus or even something to just relax your mind, this EP is for you.


Boysin/Glazed Split EP

Two of Jacksonville’s best rock groups decided to do something a little different with their newest release this month. Boysin and Glazed recently put out a split EP (only online), in which each group covers two of the other’s songs. The result is this peculiar four-track mix, with “Gracie Gold” and “In Your Own Words” being covered by Boysin, then “Siding” and “Fly Fishing” covered by Glazed. The idea for this unique concept stemmed from a recent tour the two bands did together, where they came up with the idea to record stripped-down covers of each other’s songs. It’s also worth noting that Boysin just put out a new single called “Driving,” which you can also hear on their Bandcamp.


T.W.A.N. – T.W.A.N.

Born and raised in Duval, T.W.A.N. (who was formerly known as Young Twan) released his new self-titled album back in September. The album is an amazing showcase of Jacksonville’s hip-hop prowess, with T.W.A.N. not only stepping up to the plate, but bringing along Brentwood Slim, Mr Al Pete and many more. Created as a concept album, the record feels like the soundtrack to a movie, highlighting particular moments or life events in the T.W.A.N.’s life. Listen to the album on his Bandcamp page if you’re interested in checking it out.