Downtown Jacksonville’s atmosphere within the past year has been booming, and the party isn’t going to stop anytime soon, especially with Super Food Truck opening its own brick-and-mortar establishment dubbed, Super Food and Brew, on 11 E Forsyth Street.

The co-owner, Richie Haugk, is exuberant when he explains his story on how Super Food and Brew has come about. Haugk has been surfing and living in Jacksonville Beach most of his life after he moved here from New York when he was 10 years old. His parents are great cooks, which inspired him to start cooking around the age of 16. Once Haugk graduated from Fletcher High School, he decided to take his passion for creating to culinary school.

After working in some of the best restaurants around town, Haugk was ready for the challenge, “I always wanted to do something on my own — entrepreneurship has always been my goal,” Haugk said.

I always wanted to do something on my own — entrepreneurship has always been my goal.

Investing in a food truck is a perfect fit for entrepreneurship, because we could start out small and grow it into what we are today, Haugk explained. Negotiations began a year and half ago for Super Food and Brew when the downtown scene wasn’t as popular, which made it a little bit more risky for Haugk and his business partner. With a place that is still up-and-coming, it takes a little bit more vision, but it’s a much better payout because it is more affordable, Haugk said.

Super Food and Brew’s vision has become a reality and is finally in business. With more room than the food truck, the company was able to triple everything on the menu in-store. The top seller has been the tuna poke bowl, and Haugk’s current favorite is the pork belly sandwich with apple butter. The upcoming weeks’ specials will be summer rolls and a blackened fish sandwich.

As far as the future goes, Super Brew and Food is hoping to branch out into different locations, such as Nocatee and the beaches. If you want to try something new, or return to a yummy favorite, then head on over to 11 East Forsyth Street and indulge in some Super Brew and Food.