As much as a music festival can make a season, sometimes it’s the fashion that makes a festival. History often repeats itself, and the saying definitely holds true in the fashion world. As the summer temperatures rise and layers come off, we’ve got our eyes firmly set on the spring and summer trends captivating the festival scene this year.

Some of them you may be familiar with, some of them your parents may recognize – either way, they’re coming full circle. While it may seem like these styles are popping up out of nowhere, the trends that inspired them are as classic as the men and women who sported them years ago. So, the next time you grab those bell bottom jeans or a flirty floral crop top, remember the fashion innovators who so boldly came before us.


‘60s Color Pop

The tailored and feminine aesthetics inspired by the ‘60s are clearly evident in today’s music scene. Dotted around festivals, you’ll find bold-colored accessories complementing mod graphics, tailored dresses and structured silhouettes. Although our modern touches may have been a bit scandalous back in the day, it’s safe to say we’ve brought the ‘60s straight to this century.


‘70s Flower Power

There may not be a decade that resonates more with festival fashion than the 1970s. Flowy cuts, fringe and floral prints might as well be the uniform for the “Coachella Babe.” It seems as if designers and fashionistas alike have decided there is no better time than now for a ‘70s revival. Think: bell bottoms, jumpsuits and (silent) disco ready dresses. So, start streaming Fleetwood Mac and channel your inner flower child – like now!


‘80s Denim Doubletime

Pay homage to the high-rolling style icons of the ‘80s and channel the season’s age-of-excess mood by indulging in a little denim on denim. We saw Madonna do it, and now, we’re seeing it all over the music scene. Let’s skip the jorts talk and recognize how the double denim looks of the ‘80s have influenced today’s style with ensembles of overall’s accompanied by jean jackets or a casual denim button-up tucked into loose fitting boyfriend jeans, now that’s a look we can get down with.


‘90s Grunge

For those planning on elbowing their way to the front of the stage, take a look back at the ‘90s grunge scene, because nothing screams “get out of my way” more than dark lips, heavy boots and a leather and plaid combo. We’ve been seeing this style quite a bit while patrolling the festival fashion scene, simply because this look is perfect for the functional festival goer. It’s fun, flirty, comfy and pairs perfectly with a little dirt and grime.

When it comes to festival fashion in 2015, we can’t take all of the praise. And whether you consider yourself a fashion forward thinker or enjoy sticking to the classics, it can go without saying that this season’s styles are a wonderful take on fashions that used to be. Let’s give credit where credit is due and take this opportunity to raid our parent’s closets.