Not long ago, exposure to some of the world’s greatest art and fashion was limited to those who could afford it. A Monet is breathtaking in person and sitting front row during fashion week is indescribable. But, these experiences aren’t realistic to most. Thanks to the Digital Revolution, they are now!

Smartphones allow people to stay connected to the art and fashion industries. Because about 85 percent of the world’s population owns a cell phone, it is safe to say that art and fashion apps aren’t a technological fad. These apps not only allow us to create inspirational pieces, but allow people worldwide to expand their horizons. Below is a list of some of the top fashion and art apps on the net today.


Instagram – Free, iOS, Android

If you want to connect virtually with some of the world’s greatest designers and artists, this is the app for you. Not only can you steal inspiration from top-tier fashion bloggers, world-renowned art studios, or celebrity tattoo artists, you can create your own following, too.

style – Free, iOS

This is the absolute go-to source for up-to-date fashion news, show reviews, coverage of every major collection, and an extensive catwalk archive dating to 2000. There are also photos and reports from the top social scenes around the world, as well as style videos, interviews, and trend pieces to feed your fashion hunger.


Trendabl – Free, iOS

The concept is the same as Instagram, except more fashion forward. The same simple steps still apply – upload a pic, choose a filter and tag it. Users can browse photos and specific clothing categories. Look soon for a shopping section where you will be able to purchase the pieces you swear you can’t live without.


Chic Feed – Free, iOS, Android

Chic Feed compiles the most popular street-style snaps from sites such as Lookbook, The Satorialist and Face Hunter. My favorite thing to do is screenshot looks that most represent my style and place them in an “Inspo” album on my phone so I can reference them  whenever I can’t decide what to wear.


Art Authority –  $4.99, iOS

If you can spare $5, and have an interest in delving deeper into the works of the western world’s major artists, then downloading Art Authority is a no brainer. Designed by Open Door Network, Inc., this app includes a comprehensive collection of over 1,000 artists and their works displayed chronologically with detailed captioning.


Artsy –  The Art World In Your Pocket – Free, iOS

Rated as one of the top art apps, Artsy allows you to explore and collect over 60,000 artworks. Not only can you view and buy works from the latest shows and art fairs, but, you can experience works on display in the world’s most prestigious museums, like the Guggenheim, British Museum, and over 600 others from 50 countries.