Local attorney firm Farah & Farah don’t want anybody’s New Year’s Eve night to be ruined. To do so, they will be paying the bill for anyones ride on the First Coast, just as long as you go back to a residential area, and not another club or party.

Beginning around 9 p.m. and going all the way until 3 a.m., you can order a cab by going on to keepjaxsafe.org or calling their law offices. They will pay it no matter how expensive it is. Their goal is to prevent every drunk driving accident. They connected with every cab service in town, including Uber, but the easy-to-use service said they weren’t sure they could handle it.

“Our firm has been very successful,” Eddie Farah said. “This city, community and area has been why. This is why we want to give back.”

They even said if it all goes well and is considered a success, they would be open to doing it again during other big drinking holidays. “We know DUIs are a big deal, we’ve seen first hand what a drunk driver can do,” he said. “There is a lot of injury and death on the road.”

It could be up to a six-figure commitment, though it is one that could not only save people’s holidays, but also their lives. Riders should expect a 45-minute wait once they order a cab.