Throw away everything you may have thought about “used car salesmen” when you think about Autoline Preowned. Autoline is a family owned and operated independent used car dealership with the philosophy “Driving Happiness,” for its employees, customers and the Jacksonville community.

“In reality, we really care about this community and our philosophy in life is to give if you want to receive anything. It just goes hand in hand with our business and it has since day one,” said Kelli Corey, head of Business Development at Autoline.

Annually, Autoline spends roughly $50,000 on community events and sponsorships. For the third year in a row, Autoline teamed up with Aqua East Surf Shop to host the Rip Into a Whip Grom Bash, giving away a 2013 Jeep Compass to the first place teen surfer. Autoline is also an annual sponsor of the Matt Gray Skate and Surf Weekend, a weekend-long event in memory of Rasta Matt Gray.

Rip Into a Whip 9.27.2014 (142 of 200)

Owner, Ryan Corey, has lived in Jacksonville since he was nine years old. Remembering where he came from is a big part of Autoline’s charitable actions.

“I remember what it was like to not have nice skateboards to ride,” Corey said.

You might have seen Corey and his team at Go Skate Day, where Autoline randomly gave away 100 skateboards to young skaters in Hemming Plaza. Autoline has also paid for ambitious young skaters to participate in events like Tampa Am, where costly entry fees can stand in the way of participation.

Autoline’s support of Jacksonville youth and families extends past the skateboard and surf community as well. Autoline has also sponsored the Lemon Bar Luau for the last three years, supporting the Beaches Resource Center’s mission of helping local children and families in need.

This holiday season, the team at Autoline will be going out to Wal-Mart stores and randomly giving away $500 in Wal-Mart gift cards to families to buy food and presents.

“I just think it all boils down to who we are. We just believe in doing the right thing and helping the community,” Corey said.