Facebook is well on their way for users to be able to share their photos and videos in virtual reality. They are currently working on apps that support virtual reality, stating it will allow people to, “see a fuller picture.”

This is the result of Facebook buying the VR tech, Oculus, for $2 billion dollars last year. The company hopes people will be able to share and view everything in a much more immersive way than just simply sharing a picture online. Virtual reality films, which are being developed as you read this, are the end goal in this project. They one day hope that every user will be able to share virtual reality videos, offering an almost real world look into someone else’s life.

Will virtual reality social media become a new groundbreaking way to share moments with friends, or is this a sign that social media companies are taking things a little too far?

Facebook VR

Concept image for a VR device offered by Facebook.