After previously releasing their single, “Yeti Fire,” a couple weeks ago on Void’s website, Northe is back once again with the release of their new EP titled, Voyager. This new EP, which was released locally in January, is now being officially released nationally with a complete remastering of the EP, including two additional tracks that were previously unreleased.

The Jacksonville veterans shine once again with Voyager, stating, “What differentiated this EP from the others is that we wanted the focus to have a more intimate feel, like playing in front of a live audience. The theme of Voyager is that it reflects a discovery of our own sound and our identity as a band, exploring new ground.”

Lead vocalist, Joel Hirezi, lead guitarist, Scion Watson, bassist, Kevin Scala and drummer, Jeff Rivera, are hosting their release show for this new EP on Friday, September 5 at Jack Rabbits. Other performing acts at the show will include The Cold Start, The Inverted and Weekend Atlas.

The upcoming release party won’t be the only chance to see Northe perform, as the band has several other performances scheduled in the next few weeks. In addition to the release party, they will also be performing at the upcoming Connection Festival on September 14, as well as performing in Chicago September 22, to play at the House of Blues with Q101 radio, Live Nation and Rock Revival Jeans.

When asked about the upcoming concert in Chicago, Northe said, “We entered a contest with our song ‘Yeti Fire’ and won out of 120 bands. We are playing with a girl named Meg Meyers and hopefully doing a radio interview and talking to labels. It’s going to be a showcase put on by Q101 Chicago.”

Getting the chance to play in Chicago means a lot to the band, and lead guitarist Scion Watson said it’s truly inspiring. “I get inspired by meeting people and realizing that the world is so much cooler than I think it is. ”

Lead vocalist, Joel Hirezi, added, “It’s definitely a blessing. An achievement for all of us as a band. Throughout the years we’ve worked really hard to get where we are today and it’s a wonderful feeling to see all we’ve endured together blossom into something even bigger than us.”

The band hopes that Voyager will give them more exposure in both the local and regional community.

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You can’t get this new EP anywhere else, so to hear it, view the Soundcloud link below and visit Northe’s Soundcloud  channel to hear Voyager. You can also download their single, “Yeti Fire,” by clicking on the link below. Enjoy.

Download Northe — “Yeti Fire” here.