If you haven’t heard of April the giraffe from a zoo in upstate New York who is giving birth soon, that probably means you don’t have Facebook.

Practically every TV news station in the country has been live streaming the giraffe as she inches closer and closer to the moment of birth. Not only are the news outlets sharing this live stream, but regular people are as well. They all just can’t wait for this giraffe to give birth.

Unpopular opinion: Who cares?

Waiting Giraffe

I love animals. But I’m not about to sit around and watch a giraffe literally stand in the same spot for three hours. It’s boring. I’ve got stuff to do. I can’t dedicate my time for this foolishness. I’ll be more than happy to watch a cute video after the birth of the baby struggling to find his/her legs.

Also, birth is kind of gross. Yes, they call it the miracle of life, and it truly is a miracle. But it can be a disgusting miracle. Do people really want to see that in its full glory? Whatever, man.