Well, now I have, and so have you.

The concept is fairly simple. Place a chicken in a pen that has a bingo card as a bottom. Throw seeds all over the board so he can eat as much as his little chicken heart pleases. Then, you wait. And wait … and wait … You’re waiting for the little guy to poop on your number to win a gift card!

Chicken S*** Bingo everybody!!

This is apparently a common game among several microbreweries all over the nation. Why am I not surprised? This cute little red chicken, a Rhode Island Red to be exact, had his setup at Engine 15. To enter the game you must purchase a beer within the time that the raffle is going on. When you receive your beer, you also get a ticket with your bingo number on it. One beer, one ticket, and one poop to win a gift card.

engine 15

Check out Engine 15 to find out when you can get in on the next game. Who would have thought that sitting around a cage, drinking beer, and waiting for a bird to poop could be so much fun.