November 12, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
700 E Union St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Tammy McKinley

Saturday a huge showing of local artists will gather and showcase their works at 700 Union Street! This show is a silent protest to the recent incursion of outside artists who have come to Jacksonville to claim art jobs painting murals, building sculptures and taking what is displayed as public art away from any real local input. Come see an amazing historic building and meet local artists as they showcase their works in a rare locals only showing.

There are 5 units open stocked full of artists and creativity and exhibits and a juried art show. Almost 30,000 sq ft of creator spaces in this fantastic historical building will be open to the public. There will be music, food trucks and interactive activities.

Artists who are participating in the ArtNJax show will compete for cash awards. ArtNJax is juried by Gray C. Solomon former curator of the “Open Gallery” at the Hayden Burns Library that anchored ArtWalk in its early days and Gray was also a board member of the Guggenheim in NYC.

ArtNJax artists are as follows: 

Ana Maria FG

Jami Childers

Clinton Eastman

June Marshall Foret

Sandra Semro

Amber L Angeloni

Robyn Andrews

Sherry JHill

Jim Smith

Jason McNeil

Nathan Eckenrode

Suzi West

Melody Jackson

Stephanie Zide

Rob Hardin

Frank Lewis

Dania Frink

Leilani Leo

Dan Hutton

Lucky Dan

Desiree Davis

Shakir Husein

Barbie Workman

Nate Brooks

Lace Bradley 

Ronie Caballero

Jeff Luque

Adam Davis 

David Rand Pagan

Troy Eittreim