The countdown has made it to the single digits, our long weekend has FINALLY arrived! As we all know, this isn’t your average three-day weekend. This is the one that makes history every year. Being obnoxiously patriotic for the 4th of July is the only way to truly celebrate America’s independence.

“Nothing could top this year,” we all think to ourselves but boy were we wrong … because this year Void decided to kick it up by adding the “Great American Sip ‘N’ Slide” to our calendar.

I’m sure you all have seen the Facebook invites and your friends have all talked about it, but here’s your guide to getting red, white and wasted at Adventure Landing.


We tried to warn you guys, but people always procrastinate until the last minute. For those who have already secured their tickets, there will be a list of people who paid at the door. For those still seeking tickets, we have left, so good luck getting them elsewhere :/ sorry fam.

Proceeds go to benefit Combat2College who provide, “a bridge that connects veterans, service members, and their families to resources in order to facilitate their success in post-secondary or higher education.”



The sippin’ and slidin’ goes on from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., so you might wanna figure out your carpool situation now before chaos erupts. Figure out who is going to have their phone charged fully for the Uber/Lyft ride home and how you’re going to split the cost. There’s always the app, Venmo, to transfer money or you could go the old-fashioned route and pull out some cash.

If you have a DD, there is always free parking at Adventure Landing. Also you’re allowed to bring in a small purse or clutch for your keys and lockers will be available to rent for $5.


Yeah. It may rain, but you’re getting wet anyways? Don’t let dark clouds ruin your good time. Figure out the place to be before Adventure Landing (may we suggest a pool full of flamingo floaties?). Get your drinks before popping over there and make sure you have a generous amount. No one wants to gather money for the 4th beer run.

There will be beer and wine available to purchase at the Sip ‘N’ Slide but no outside drinks are allowed in. We want you to be fully prepared to rock your face off to Zach Deputy. This is the perfect time to look up his talent on Youtube. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed, especially if there’s #JAMINTHEVAN involved.

If this doesn’t sound like a good time, well, you’re wrong. This would be the biggest case of FOMO we have seen in years if you miss out. Let’s get drinkin’ like Lincoln and toast to seeing you there.