That’s right, you read it correctly, Evan Geiselman and Luke Bryan recently worked together on a project that has chicks squirming as the two known for not only their talents but their looks as well.

The New Smyrna surf-star and winner of the Kona Pro Jax, recently became the star of country music superstar, Luke Bryan’s latest music video, “Roller Coaster.”

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Evan Geiselman starring in Luke Bryan’s, “Roller Coaster,” music video.

In the video, Bryan sings along to a story explaining the series of events leading up to a romantic relationship between Geiselman and a beautiful young lady he met at a bar. After the girl, who happens to be Geiselman’s real-life girlfriend, Maddie Decamillis, accidentally knocks into Geiselman, spilling his drink. He then proceeds to buy her a drink and introduce himself to her, in what forms into the relationship between the two throughout the song.

As the video plays out, Geiselman and his lady friend experience romance on the white beaches of Panama City where the music video was shot.

Bryan says he has a lot of memories on the white beaches of Panama City from the past. In addition to hosting a free concert every spring break at Panama City’s party mecca, Spinnaker Beach Club. He and his family recently bought a beach house in the area, and he and his wife used to travel there for spring break as college kids.

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Luke Bryan in “Roller Coaster”

“There’s been tons of memories, stuff that still makes me smile, some stuff I’ve forgotten and some I want to forget!” Bryan said.

Geiselman and Bryan both have a background heavily influenced by time spent in Florida, and the collaboration in the “Roller Coaster” video has country music and surf fans alike, tapping their feet, cracking a smile, and having a laugh, as it was a big surprise for people to see the two working together.

Check it out here or below.