Back in our Entrepreneur Issue in May, we held a contest to see who the #1 entrepreneur in the 904 is, and the readers chose none other than Bobby Harrington.

Bobby, who grew up at the Beaches, eventually went off to Florida State University, where he earned a degree in business marketing and a minor in partying — it’s Florida State after all. There, he met his wife Kelly and went on to work for a number of companies and influential mentors, who ultimately gave him the courage to try and create a business of his own. After meeting SIC cups cofounder Erik Howe, they decided to dive into the drinkware market, and Seriously Ice Cold Cups was born.

We recently interviewed Bobby about his business to find out a little more about SIC cups and how they plan to expand their brand.

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There are similar products on the market, but what makes SIC cups more unique than rivals?

We understand that there are many different cups on the market, but that really hasn’t slowed us down at all. Our cups sell out just about as quickly as we can get them produced. We have almost 1,000 retailers in 38 states and we have only been in business for seven months. We feel that people really connect to our brand and appreciate a higher-quality product. Our cups all have the double-wall, stainless-steel-vacuum technology that keeps your drinks ice cold for 24 hours, but we also offer our cups in multiple powder-coated colors.

We felt that the stainless-steel look was a little played out and wanted to offer our retailers and customers a product that was more unique. While competitors use thin stainless steel, we use higher grade materials that are built to last, and we back all of them with a lifetime guarantee.


Can you give us some information on the local aspect? Are you guys still going to move more of the business locally?

Ya man. Jacksonville is my hometown, and I have really put an effort into establishing the brand here. I was super excited when I was voted the #1 Entrepreneur in the 904 by Void because I know the Void readers are our target demographic and will represent the brand well. We are proud to have recently opened our new warehouse in Jacksonville that handles all of our shipping.

Unfortunately, we haven’t made the impact in Jacksonville that I had hoped for due to the fact that many local retailers have decided not to carry our product at this point (hopefully that will change with the Void readers help). I would like thank our current retailers in Jacksonville (Aqua East, John Craig, Jashley and the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club) for giving us a shot and carrying our products. Anyone that is interested in getting a SIC cup, please stop by one of those awesome retail locations to purchase our products. I strongly believe in supporting local business and we hope to expand our Jacksonville base.


What do you think is the importance of keeping your business in the 904?

Jacksonville is our home, and we think it is the best city in the world. We would never think about taking the SIC brand anywhere else. Providing new jobs in Jacksonville has been great. We currently have local high school and college students doing a lot of our quality inspections while they are on summer break. Another area in which our business is growing is with custom logos. We have multiple local businesses that are currently getting their business logos engraved on our cups.

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Alright … how do I buy one?

Ha Ha. Best question yet. We would love it if you stopped by one of our local retailers (Aqua East, John Craig or Jashley). When you purchase one of our products from one of these locations, you are helping support two local businesses. If you own a local business and would like to start carrying our products, please email me at, and I will come by and drop off some product samples. We would also love it if the Jacksonville crowd started showing off their SIC products on social media by tagging us with @siccups or #getsic. Thanks for all the support and get SIC!