Reality can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially when routine begins to bog down a dream. No one knows that better than Jacksonville-based rapper $enseii, who released a music video for his song “Pull Through” yesterday.

“Trial and error, we’re living in the era of the fed up,” the 22-year-old rapper spits in Chamblin’s Uptown café. The video, directed by Leyan Cargi, features several spots in downtown Jacksonville and the rapper’s home.

ThoVoBeatz produced the music behind $enseii’s bars and is reminiscent of a jazzy ’90s groove. The scrambled Rhodes piano melodies, calm brass and simple percussion marry nostalgia and an innate pressure to bob your head.

“Pull Through” is the 12th track on $enseii’s latest album titled Nights of Nostalgia. It can be streamed on his Soundcloud.

The song is inspired by “the pure emotion of being fed up with an everyday routine,” $enseii told Void. “You work so hard and give so much of your time to your job, which consumes you, just for the whole check to pay the bills…I want to travel, make music and live my life. But how can I with this job holding me back?”