Having the biggest screens in the NFL wasn’t enough for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To really distinguish their stadium, they decided they needed to add one more thing to take the the game-day experience to the next level … poolside cabanas.


The Jaguars have taken out 9,500 of their seats in the endzone to make room for the two pools and 16 cabanas. This two-level party deck can be rented out for $250 per person for a game with an all-you-can-eat and drink special. This does include alcohol. These cabanas are made to target businesses who want to bring their clients out for a day of fun and entertainment, they have already proven to be a success with 65 percent of the cabanas already rented out for the fall 2014 football season.

These renovations are a $63 million investment that the Jaguars are already seeing a huge return on.

“We wanted to take areas in our stadium that were underperforming and get creative. It’s no secret that we’ve had tarps on seats, so, we wanted to turn that around and build premium areas,” Chad Johnson, the Jaguars’ senior vice president of sales said.

This new Jaguars’ stadium is leading the NFL when it comes to game-day entertainment and setting a new standard for what to expect when you go see a game. One thing is for sure, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth this upcoming season.