Last Saturday, Eminem performed “Berzerk” and “Survival” on “Saturday Night Live”, two new singles from his upcoming album Marshall Mathers LP2. Eminem brought several contributors for his new LP with him to the performance, including Rick Rubin, who is an executive producer for the album alongside Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey. “Berzerk” takes obvious influences from the Beastie Boys’ hit “So What’cha Want”, including both the way the video looks and the way Eminem’s punk-rap style verses are presented. “Survival”, which features Liz Rodrigues rather than SNL’s guest performer Skylar Grey, is a throwback akin to that of Recovery‘s “Won’t Back Down”.

The SNL performance seemed good enough on the surface, but upon watching the video a couple of times, it looks as though Eminem was lip-syncing. The Internet is already in a state of chaos as fans and critics alike debate whether or not the performance was actually lip-synced. Regardless, this is definitely not the type of publicity that you want in the days leading up to your new album release, especially if we’re going to name Eminem as Artist of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards.

Eminem 1

So far, the Detroit-based rapper has released only “Berzerk”, “Survival”, “Rap God”, and the Rihanna collaboration “The Monster” as singles for the upcoming album, which is set to be released November 5. View Eminem’s SNL performances from last Saturday below and determine for yourself whether or not you think it looks like a lip-sync.

Watch the video for Eminem’s “Berzerk” below.