Sometimes doing stuff sucks. Tomorrow is a perfect place to store plans to clean out the car, go jogging or hell, sometimes even taking a shower. Researchers have found that procrastination is an emotional strategy we use when dealing with too much stress. Unfortunately, this can cause problems with health, finances, relationships and our overall happiness. Although each of us have at one time felt the fear of the world outside of our blanket fort, listening to these eight motivational songs will be sure to help you come out swinging.

Tenacious D — “To Be the Best”

Tenacious D gives step by step instructions on how to be the best.

The Darkness — “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”

Justin Hawkins’s pink ombre curls and outer spaced themed sexuality should be kept in a glass box marked, “Break in Case of Emergency.”

Bill Conti — “Gonna Fly Now”

Yes, this is the theme song to Rocky. One doesn’t need to watch all six Rockys to start believing in themselves after hearing it.

Kanye West — “The New Workout Plan”

Some people may doubt Kanye’s ability for self-awareness. Clearly, however, he is aware enough to realize his place in most people’s workout playlists.

Queen — “The Show Must Go On”

If you are trying to get out of an endless marathon of binge watching episodes on Netflix, perhaps reserve Queen’s The Show Must Go On for another time.

Survivor — “Eye of the Tiger”

Okay, I know the Rocky theme song has already been utilized. But seriously, how is anyone supposed to get anything done without Dave Bickler crooning you on with the voice of an angel? Even Balboa knew that.

Joe Esposito — “You’re the Best”

Even the Karate Kid needs a pick-me-up sometimes before getting the motivation to kick some bully’s behind all the way back to china town.

Europe — “The Final Countdown”

Europe (the band) made one of the most motivational songs in history. Too bad that was the last thing they did before NASA blasted them into outer space. Maybe they should have thought twice about naming their band after an entire continent. Also, North America RULEZ!