There’s a lot of useless knowledge on the Internet. That being said, there’s also a ton of cool sh*t you probably should know about … especially if you still don’t know what the difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant is (the people around you probably do).


Leafcutter Ants

Ants aren’t really that cool, but like most things, there’s something kinda badass about them you should know. Leafcutter ants are that particular thing. This unique family of six-legged freaks have something called “prehensile legs,” which basically means they have the ability to grasp leaves with tiny little hands and tear up them up … let’s just hope they stay tiny.



Dementia is a terrifying subject that can result in some terrifying actions, but fish might also might just be your safe haven. Mercury in fish has a stigma attached to it and part of it is that it can damage the brain, but a study shows that you can forget about that … pun intended.



Mary-J is known for a lot of things and every smoker you’ve ever met (if you’re not one yourself) has likely given you the reasons why it helps you not hurts you. According to a study, it may affect your verbal memory. So, when you’re stoned and trying to think of that one word to describe how you’re feeling, maybe that word is stupid … or … maybe just forget about it. What were we talking about?



It’s kind of like a boxer or briefs decision. So, is it antiperspirant or deodorant? And yes, those are two different things (the world will thank you for knowing the difference). These two actually affect the type and amount of bacteria in your armpit. Gross!



Ah, the bean that keeps us alive (or at least awake) may not be as bad as some portray it to be. If you have ever heard that drinking caffeine regularly increases your heartbeat, causes heart problems, etc., you’ve been fed some bullsh*t lies. Go ahead, have that third cup, or tenth, whatever works for you.




Not by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin is actually a totally incorrect statement for a pig to make because humans are the only animals with chins. They actually don’t have any reason for why we should have chins, so next time you’re complaining about your “weak chin” just remember that they’re kind of pointless anyways.



The english language is a complicated thing full of exceptions to the rules and ridiculous acronyms and slang terms. After reading these words that describe complex feelings in just one word, you’ll kind of wish you didn’t speak English. Check out these 216 foreign words to start using.



Good, right? Maybe not entirely. A study has shown that antioxidants may actually boost cancer cells, causing them to spread faster. They are still helpful for those normal cells, so continue popping those blueberries in your mouth, but if you have cancer cells, you could be feeding their fire.



Who really knows anything about ravens (besides maybe an ornithologist)? One interesting fact is that a group is called an “unkindness,” but another cool fact is that they know when they’re being watched. A study shows that they don’t have to physically see another bird lurking around to know that they are there. Creepy.