Taylor Olin, aka Dust Fuss, is the indie-rock darling we’ve been waiting for. She’s got style, and hooks and the ideal amount of weird.

Dust Fuss’ debut release “I Don’t Even Know Her,” (recorded and self-released by Olin, out now on all streaming platforms) is a throwback: Veruca Salt peppered with some Tom Verlaine or even Gang of Four. Dreamy, dancy, and gritty, it’s perfect for angular dance moves in a flowing dress and stomping boots. The song, with the playful refrain “I don’t even know her / but she obviously knows me,” explores the funny grey area in a small scene, which can inadvertently pit two perfectly pleasant people against each other with one look.

“She gave me the same face, a look of disgrace / and I couldn’t even tell you why.”

Maybe she wants to be your friend. Maybe she wants to snuff you out in your sleep. Or maybe there’s only room for one cool girl in this dust town. Here’s to hoping this track lands as the theme song to the next iteration of Mean Girls