Left to Right: Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton (Reading Rainbow), Alex Zhang (Dirty Beaches)

I felt as if I were transported back to 1991 after walking into Jack Rabbits that night . Flannel, greasy hair, and shoegaze infused surf-rock filled an otherwise empty venue.  The “new” hazy sound being so often produced these days finally made it’s way into Jacksonville as some of it’s newest pioneers took the stage.  Despite the night being a who’s who on Pitchfork’s “Forkcast” the crowd didn’t really deliver. A somewhat empty and motionless venue kept me in disgust as the performers were forced to play to blank faces. It’s no wonder many acts never make their way back to the “New Bold City of The South”.

Dum Dum Girls :: He Gets Me High
Reading Rainbow :: Wasting Time
Dirty Beaches :: The Singer (Johnny Cash cover)