For those of you who already know, Guttermouth is no newcomer to the punk world and no stranger to controversy. But until recently, it had been 10 years since they released any music.

Though they had been touring and playing shows here and there, Mark Adkins and crew were largely absent in recent years. With the lineup seeing numerous changes and Adkins moving to Mexico, things seemed unclear for Guttermouth’s future, but the punk veteran had other plans … despite what you might’ve heard from so-called “punk journalists.”

Soon after his exciting hiatus in Mexico (exciting as in being waterboarded by local “policia” and going to prison in Mexico), Adkins reformed guttermouth and the group began touring and recording new music.

“It wasn’t exciting … it was f***ing terrifying,” Adkins said. “$300 at a time, they would take me to the ATM every 12 hours and just bleed me dry.”

Aside from drudging up bad memories of Mexico and giving Adkins renewed night terrors, we discussed the new, 12-minute album, Got It Made, that was released last month through local record label, Bird Attack Records.


On their recent tour, they stopped off at Harmonious Monks in Jax Beach and were nice enough to drop by the office to drink some beers with the Void crew. Here’s a brief recap of a couple hours well spent.

A lot of people wondered why Guttermouth decided to reform the band at all, considering their rocky years and long absence from the scene, but when asked, Adkins said, “What else was I gonna do?” “Sometimes your back is up against the wall. What am I gonna do? Form a landscaping business?”

For Adkins, it was necessity, especially considering his “expensive” trip to Mexico. Initially, he thought he just wanted to get away from everything and escape south of the border, but if there’s one thing about the Guttermouth frontman that’s certain, it’s that he can’t be idle for long.

So, where did the idea for Got It Made come from? Guitarist Justin Van Westbrook said Guttermouth got started working with Bird Attack on putting out new music after touring with Garrett Wadford, who started the label.

“We were hinting at putting out new music — more so just writing music,” Westbrook said. “We started liking what we were writing, and we just said, ‘We need to put this out.’ It was s*** or get off the pot.” “So, we s***,” Wadford added as the room erupted into laughter.


This is where the conversation derailed into a discussion about the best type of energy drink to mix with wine, aka, “skuds.” Long story short, it’s regular old Red Bull and whatever cheap wine you can find.

Back to the topic at hand, Adkins added that it was scary releasing new music after such a long hiatus, but with positive feedback from critics and fans, the band seems to think it was a success. “It’s a new lease on life for the band, and it makes me want to push harder … which sounds weird coming out of my mouth.”

Despite their troubles and changeups over the years, the guys from Guttermouth were a pretty tight-knit crew of funny, genuine dudes who seem to have the right kind of punk mindset in an age where fashion bands and pop music reigns supreme.

Have fun and go with the flow, because as Adkins said, “People are scumbags.” What that statement means to me is that a lot of people are fake, and musicians are even more susceptible. While most bands desperately try to maintain a perfect image, it’s refreshing to see some are still honest and simply trying to have a good time.

For those looking to pick up the new album, check out Bird Attack Records website for more info. You won’t be disappointed.