Too impatient to wait for that Amazon order? Hints of the company building a distribution center on the Northside means Jacksonville might have same-day delivery in its future.

Project Rex, as it’s being called, would bring 1,500 jobs to the area. Great news for city growth, but let’s be real, if Jacksonville gets an Amazon distribution center, how quickly can I go from ordering something on Amazon Prime to having it arrive at my doorstep?


Soon same-day, soon

Currently, I have to wait two days for my bad decision to be in my possession. Chances are, I’ve already realized how much I don’t need whatever it is I ordered and I’ve cancelled the sale.

Within a few months of the center opening, Jacksonville should be able to receive their orders within a day. Shoppers can order something by noon and receive it by 9 p.m. If it’s a night order, expect it the next day … and this isn’t Chick-fil-A — this service runs seven days a week.

Drinking and Priming can be dangerous. Same-day delivery means you’ll have even less time to explain to your significant other why you ordered three Yeti coolers and can’t afford date night.

Since we’re on the subject, where does Jacksonville sign up for drone delivery?