An interesting and beautiful addition to any household.



* Driftwood

* Fishing line

* Crystals (or get creative with whatever you have!)

* Scissors

* Hooks or screws to hang from the ceiling

* Twinkle lights are optional (but definitely recommended by me for an added sparkle!)

IMG_4730 IMG_4719

STEP 1: Lay your pieces of wood and crystals on a flat surface. Arrange them however you would like them to be hung.


STEP 2: Begin the stringing process. Using fishing line, start hanging pieces from the wood.


STEP 3: Next, tie your fishing line to either end of the wood, and connect at the center to hang the entire chandelier for your hook.


STEP 4: Walla! You have just created a beautiful one of a kind piece! Prepare yourself for compliments from pretty much everyone.


Source: Swell Blog