It’s currently a field of dreams for a bunch of sons and daughters of sailors waiting for the soon to be erected Margaritaville–Jacksonville Beach edition.  The planned eight-story resort is in the final stages of permitting and headed for a blue heaven rendezvous with the corner of First Street and Sixth Avenue North in Jax Beach.

The city and its residents may or may not be ready for the changes in latitudes and changes in attitudes about to descend on long vacant lot adjacent to Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant (and catty-corner to current Void HQ), but Hypolite’s habitat is coming.

The Margaritaville group currently operates 13 resorts with another seven coming soon, including a Margaritaville resort in the most tropical of locales, New York City. Yep, that’s about a thousand steps to nowhere if you start in the banana republics. Still, according to the coconut telegraph (and Margritaville’s own website) the group is always open to any development opportunity.

Enter the lot in Jacksonville Beach and the plans submitted for the resort, which will include over 200 rooms, pools, and of course a restaurant where you can eat your cheeseburger in paradise. The resort had to request, and was granted, an exception from the City of Jacksonville Beach ordinance prohibiting new buildings from exceeding three stories.  It seems that when Jimmy dreams, plans fall under a lucky star.

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Sure, there are plenty of people saying, “I don’t know and I don’t care,” but there are some residents that are starting to feel stranded on a sandbar. Complaints about increased traffic, DUI’s and increased crime targets are lighting up comment boards.

The resort has not enacted a public relations campaign to announce that pretty soon it will be 5 o’clock somewhere (north side of the pier), but still ain’t he a genius, that Jimmy, for putting together a brand that is constantly defying gravity.

Can you identify the 20 Jimmy Buffet song titles that were used in this piece? Don’t Jamaica Mistaica.