What a stressful week! Faced with the most meandering storm in recent memory, North Floridians had a lot of time to get anxious, prepare, loosen up, get anxious again, etc. While we grieved (and continue to grieve) for our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas, residents of the First Coast nervously took to social media with a combination of strange, funny, and heartwarming posts like only a community from this strange corner of constantly hurricane-threatened earth could.

Here’s a taste of how Dorian went down on social media here in Northeast Florida.

The Prep

Confronted with a dubiously wide Cone of Uncertainty, North Floridians heeded calls to prepare despite their skepticism.

Where Dorian would go, at one point, was anyone’s guess.

Local Hero/Hurricane Slayer Lane Pittman Gets His Due

Musician and all-around fun guy, Lane Pittman went viral years ago for playing the National Anthem on Fourth of July (and subsequently getting arrested). He’s since gone viral several more times and leveraged his modicum of celebrity to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. Millennial-focused media organization Vice released a timely profile of Pittman as Dorian was bearing down on the coast and Pittman was preparing to again face down a dangerous storm for the good of all.

Northeast Florida Steps Up for The Bahamas

Less than 400 miles separates Jacksonville from the Bahamas, which bore the brunt of Hurricane Dorian last week. Many North Floridians have friends, family, or just great memories in the islands, and as the devastation became evident, our community quickly mobilized. There are currently dozens of local companies and individuals offering ways to help in the relief efforts.

Mayport’s Reve Brewing will host a fundraiser on Sept. 15. Hit the link for more deets.

The Seawalk Hotel in Jax Beach has been accepting donations.

Dorian Vs. The Jacksonville Beach Pier

Before closing for repairs, the Jax Beach Pier had to take on one more challenger–Hurricane Dorian. And though the storm swung wide of our coast, it still whipped up quite a fight for our beloved pier.

Dorian Vs The Thompson Tribe

Aside from facing off with our beloved pier, Dorian had to answer to our most accomplished surfing siblings. On Wednesday night, as the storm moved north, and the winds swung west, Tristan and Cody Thompson decided to give the hulking waves (and a formidable paddle out) a go. Final Score–Dorian: 0 | Thompsons: 10

This Special Feature is sponsored by local All State agency owner Katie Little.