DJ Khaled is a brand marketing genius. Besides producing platinum bangers like “I’m so Hood” and “All I do is Win,” opening for Beyoncé on her Formation World Tour and winning Snapchatter of the Year at the 2016 Shorty Awards, he champions a particular form of slang that’s blending in with the internet’s argot.

Here are 15 phrases he uses to win more.

“They don’t want us to win, so we gon win more.”

Being successful can be a blessing and a curse. Haters will attempt to shade the limelight from shining on someone by any means necessary, and they don’t want you to succeed. Notice I said “they.” They didn’t want Harold & Kumar to go to White Castle. They didn’t want Harry Potter to defeat Lord Voldemort. They didn’t want Jason Day to win the Players Championship.

Using this phrase correctly can be broken down by using the algebraic equation if X equals an action, likse so: They don’t want us to + X + So we gon + X + more. = Success

Example: “They don’t want us to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream on a jet ski in Jax Beach. So we gon eat mint chocolate chip ice cream on a jet ski in Jax Beach.”

“Vegan alert”

When DJ Khaled wants his fans to know he’s up to something, he announces it by hinting at the subject and following it with the word “alert.” These proclamations come in various forms including “new deal alert” when he does business, “new food alert” when he discovered parfaits, “vegan alert” when he went vegan for 22 days and “special cloth alert” when he’s collaborating with powerful figures.

If X equals a noun, the equation below is perfect for giving updates to your superior at work: X + alert = Success

Example:New client alert!”

“Bless Up” 

DJ Khaled gives praise to the most high regularly, according to his Snapchat story. Saying this phrase is a way to show gratitude, because staying humble is a key to success.

Use this phrase while giving thanks.

Example: “Burritos are 50 percent off today? Bless up.”

The ? is to keep your head above water .. Bless up @wethebestmusic

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“Major Key”

When life locked DJ Khaled out and hid the keys, he ripped the door off its hinges. Now, he uses his knowledge to bestow bite-sized advice upon his Snapchat followers, which are known as keys. In fact, DJ Khaled’s next album is called Major Key, which will feature artists like Future, Jay Z and Drake (among others), according to his Snapchat story.

The key is to stay focused, never give up, keep your head above water, moisturize with cocoa butter lotion, clean up with Dove soap, get massages, drink almond milk and water the plants. The key is not to drive jet skis at night in the ocean.

Use this phrase when blessing someone with advice.

Example: “Wearing sunscreen is a major key.”

“I like that!”

When DJ Khaled likes something, he broadcasts his satisfaction by saying this phrase, often with a bit of grit in his voice and a smile. He especially likes it when his sneaker plug Ben Kapelushnik tells him school is amazing or that business is boomin’.

Use this phrase and follow it with a Ray Liotta Goodfellas laugh.

Example: “Parking is free here after 5 p.m.? I like that!” 

DJ Khaled popping champagne

“Did the wire hit?” 

Getting paid is an essential variable in DJ Khaled’s equation to more success. That’s why he often asks those around him if the cheddar on the way has transferred in.

Use this phrase when you and a homie know money is on the way.

Example: “That was hard work. Did the wire hit yet?” 

Mogul talk wit LYOR … (THEY )said I wouldn't make it !! Ha ha !! THEY PLAYED THEM SELFS!!!!! Mogul talk!!!

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“Mogul Talk”

Whether it’s exclusively with his Snapchat followers or with one of his many friends in high places, DJ Khaled likes to label his social interactions. There are several types of these talks, which include mogul talk, cloth talk, special cloth talk, elliptical talk, hammock talk and tour bus talk. People who partake in said talks include Ariana Grande, Puff Daddy, Lyor Cohen, Rick Ross, L.A. Reid and Kim Kardashian among others.

Use this phrase to label any verbal contact with someone.

Example: “Hey Bill, let’s plan to meet in your office for that special cloth talk later.”

I will never stop ! I promise u!!!! #WETHEBEST DJ KHALED ?RAY LIOTTA ?

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“My price went up”

When Madonna kissed DJ Khaled on the cheek in January, he said his price went up on his Snapchat story. He said the same thing when filming a movie with Ray Liotta. DJ Khaled measures his worth on Snapchat when he collaborates with prominent pop culture figures.

Use this phrase when you feel like your value goes up.

Example: “I just ate lunch behind Gus Bradley. My price went up!” 

Secure the bag alert ! @djkhaled @frenchmontana #wethebest #cb @wethebestmusic

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“Secure the bag”

Winning can be risky if the cash flow is dwindling. Securing the bag prevents self-doubt from turning into paranoia when it comes to managing income.

Use this phrase when talking about an opportunity to get paid.

Example: “You should secure your bag by picking up my shift at work this weekend.” 

You played yourself

“Congratulations, you played yourself”

People who think DJ Khaled is going to stop winning are playing themselves, according to his Snapchat story. He uses this phrase during elliptical talks, especially when “they” is the subject of the conversation.

Use this phrase when others doubt your determination to succeed.

Example: “You think I won’t be at every Jaguars game this season? Congratulations, you played yourself.” 


Flowers are so important to DJ Khaled that he calls them angels. He waters them when he’s home in Miami and encourages his followers to take a moment to appreciate them. His favorites are purple and white flowers because he feels like they protect him, according to his Snapchat story.

Use this phrase when describing flowers.

Example: “Hey, keep off the grass, and please don’t pick the angels.” 

“Another one” 

DJ Khaled doesn’t accurately keep track of his wins, but he makes sure his followers know when he scores. It could be a new song, a new business venture he has entered or a concert he just performed. He also says this phrase in his songs “Take it to the Head” and “I’m Still” as part of his DJ tag.

Use this phrase when successfully conquering something consecutively.

Example: “I just ate another slice of pizza … another one.”

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“I’m up to something” 

Before DJ Khaled tells his followers about new alerts, he hits them with a preliminary announcement by saying that he is up to something. This occurs when he chooses not to give context to opportunities he is exploring.

Though some things are top secret, DJ Khaled still chooses to keep his followers in the loop. He often says this phrase with a raspy voice for emphasis.

Use this phrase when telling someone about something you’re working on, but don’t reveal any specifics.

Example: “Shirley, trust me when I say I’m up to something.”

“Just know”

Used at either the beginning or ending of a statement, DJ Khaled uses this phrase to establish affirmation to his words. It serves as a reminder to others who doubt him to anticipate certain success.

Use this phrase to emphasize how serious you are about something, ignoring the odds you may be up against.

Example: “I’m going to win this scratch-off. Just know.”

“Fan luv”

Lady Gaga has little monsters, Slipknot has their maggots and DJ Khaled has fan luv. Fan luv is DJ Khaled’s support system and will show up to certain locations to meet him after he drops an address on his Snapchat story.

Use this phrase when referring to people who admire you enough to do what you say.

Example: “Fan luv, please do my laundry for a month.”