Ready to turn your classic white Vans into a custom masterpiece? Luckily for you, the ombre trend is still alive and the 4th is almost here. This week we are featuring a DIY 20 minute step-by-step that will transform your plain kicks into awesome. AMURICA!

– White Canvas Shoes (Pictured: Vans Authentic Lo Pro)
– Fabric Dye
– Bucket
– Gloves
– Hot Water


STEP 1: Add about a cup of salt to your bucket

STEP 2: Add dye packet. Gloves are recommended during this process. (Unless you like blue hands)

STEP 3: Add hot water.

STEP 4: Stir it up. Note: You also get a free ombre spoon.

STEP 5: Time to take a dip! Soak the part of the shoe you want to keep light in water, then submerge the shoes all of the way into the water/dye/salt bucket. Slowly pull them out, allowing the ends to stay in the dye until you get the color you want

STEP 6: Rinse off any remaining dye. And…walla!

Source: Swell Blog