If you are among the large population of females who own an old Target bikini, this easy DIY will change your life…and booty. Spruce up that ancient suit in your drawer and make it surfable, stylish, and oh so bootylicious!

For the bottoms:


1. Cut a tiny hole on each side of the bottoms, on the side right before where the ties start.

2. string one side of the ties through the hole on the other side, the other tie through the other side. You know, like how shoe laces go. Tie in a loose bow, and you can tighten or loosen when you put them on.

3. Turn the bottoms inside out, and fold in half length wise. Draw a line down the fold. This will be your guide for ruching.

4. Grab a needle and thread and ruche the bottoms. These bottoms were huge, so I ruched a lot.

Bottoms. Done. Smaller and tighter. Booty lookin’ fab.

For the Top:


1. Draw a horizontal line at the top tip of the triangle top, making sure the lines are at the same height on each side.

2. Using sharp scissors, cut out that space at the top…basically like this bikini facelift, but simplified.

3. To make the top smaller, tie a knot on the top and outside strings where they meet the bikini top, making sure to have a little bit of the fabric from the actual part that covers your boob. This makes the cup smaller without having to sew. Works like a charm.

Top. Done. A cute bikini facelift to brighten your day!


Source: goldfishkiss.com