Though you may not have heard of her, Dixie Daye is an indie rock artist from the UK who is just on the cusp of making a name for herself in the music scene.

Daye has been calling Jacksonville her home during her first U.S. “Residency.” Local music label and entertainment company, Jam Brothers Music ( has brought Daye in for a three month roadshow in U.S., which began late February. She has performed at SXSW, Going Coastal Music event and several shows throughout Jacksonville, with many more to come.

Daye’s intriguing style of eclectic rock and funk fusion has teamed her up with local jam bands including Herd of Watts and Spore at the after hours party of the Slide into Spring Concert Festival. The indie rocker, who also headlined Manchester Pride in the UK, has released a snippet of her music on Soundcloud for free, which you can listen to below.

Her personal highlights include her performances at SXSW, but she is excited to participate in One Spark, where she hopes to continue to bring both Jacksonville and the UK more connected. Known for her personal relationships with fans, her sole interest has always been performing. Her voice is not only powerful, but also gives music fans a good reason to come out and support her.

Watch her newly released video below:

For more music and info, follow Dixie at, www.soundcloud/dixiedaye and @DixieDaye