Just a few days ago, the teaser trailer for the live-action “Jungle Book” came out (it gave me goosebumps) and it is one of many Disney Live-Action movies scheduled to come out over the course of the next several years. We’ve already seen many live-action movies come through in recent years, including Maleficent, Cinderella and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” just to name a few. However, there are many more still to come! Wondering if your favorite movie will get a live-action version? Read on to find out.

“Beauty and The Beast”


“Beauty and the Beast” directed by Bill Condon will star Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as LeFou, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette and Kevin Kline as Belle’s father, Maurice. The casting for this one is spot on, with the remake due out March 17, 2017.

“Night on Bald Mountain”


The classic animated epic “Fantasia” consisted of eight musical segments, including “Night on Bald Mountain,” which centered on a winged creature that raised the dead. I never made it past this part in the movie, as it scared me so much, but let’s hope the live-action version isn’t as scary (unless that’s your thing).


Based on Disney’s classic “Peter Pan” this movie brings to life all of Pan’s wild adventures. Hugh Jackman stars as Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund as Hook, Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily and Levi Miller as Peter Pan. This remake comes first on the list and will be in theaters October 9 this year.



In March, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the female warrior from the 1998 animated film will come to life in a live-action version. Former Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz is reportedly in talks to star as Mulan amidst concerns about whitewashing the character. There’s even a petition that more than 79,000 people have signed calling for Disney to do the right thing when it comes time to cast Mulan.

“Winnie the Pooh”


Alex Ross Perry, the writer and director of the Sundance indie “Listen Up Philip,” is directing this live-action retelling of “Winnie the Pooh” in a film that will focus on an adult version of Christopher Robin.

“Prince Charming”


Prince Charming will come to life in his own live-action movie. It’s unclear, though, if he will be the prince we know from “Cinderella” or “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” — though EW reports Matt Fogel’s script will be “a revisionist take on a handsome prince,” whomever he might be.

“Sword in the Stone”


“Sword in the Stone,” the final movie released before Walt Disney’s death, told the story of a young King Arthur who was being mentored by Merlin. Bryan Cogman, a writer-producer on HBO’s fantasy series, “Game of Thrones,” has been chosen to write the script for the project. Expect this one to be a success.

“The Little Mermaid”


The classic story has been adapted many times, but the 1989 Disney animated version is perhaps the best known. Deadline first broke the news, reporting that Universal Pictures and Working Title are still planning to move forward with the film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, despite the director, Sofia Coppola, dropping the project.



“Alice in Wonderland” director Tim Burton is getting back in business, this time with “Dumbo.” The Oscar-nominated filmmaker is set to direct a live-action version of the animated classic. While “Dumbo” might seem to be a bit outside his normal realm, this one should prove to be interesting.



Pinocchio may finally get his wish to be a real boy — for real this time. “About a Boy” and “Dan in Real Life” writer Peter Hedges is set to write the script for Disney’s live-action take, which is loosely inspired by the Pinocchio story. No other names are attached to the project, which is still very early in its development.



Reese Witherspoon will bring pixie dust to life when she reportedly portrays Tinkerbell in this Disney’s “Peter Pan” spinoff. Plot details are unknown, other than that the film is set in the world of the classic novel with Tinker Bell in full focus. The project is still in development, and there is no timeline for it to go into production.

“Aladdin” Prequel


Did you ever wonder how the Genie got stuck in the lamp in “Aladdin”? Disney is about to grant your wish. The studio is reportedly planning a live-action prequel to “Aladdin” titled “Genies,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The prequel will be set in the world of the genies and reveal how Robin Williams’ blue Genie became enslaved in the lamp. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that the studio allegedly plans for “Genies” to lead into a live-action “Aladdin” remake.

“Chip ‘n’ Dale”


This project will serve as an origin story for the Rescue Rangers, a team of detectives and crime fighters that also includes Gadget Hackwrench and Monterey Jack and Zipper. This will essentially be Disney’s version of Sony’s “Smurfs” and Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks” films, which inject cartoon characters into live action settings (yay).