Let me start by saying that I am terribly sorry if after reading this, the Aladdin theme song “Arabian Nights” is stuck in your head all day (like it will be in mine). With that, let the ’90s Disney nostalgia begin.

Earlier this week, Disney announced that they will be making a live-action prequel to the 1992 animated hit “Aladdin.”


The studio came out and said that the movie will focus primarily on the character of Genie, who was voice acted in the original animated film by the late Robin Williams, and how he ended up being trapped inside of the magic lamp you see in the 1992 flick.

The film, which will be called “Genies,” is still in the early stages of development, but according to the films writers and producers, the plan is to have the project lead to an eventual live-action adaptation of Aladdin. Surely, Disney will hope that you ain’t never seen a film like this.