The First Coast loves its surfing. But usually, surfers enjoy the waves during daylight hours. One contest that came to Jax Beach back in 2014 throws daylight out the window and puts nighttime surfing in the spotlight. Literally.

Red Bull Night Riders is a one-night-a-year event that showcases six skilled surfers showing off their talent under the lights. Crews bring out huge stadium-style lights to highlight the event, which creates a new set of challenges for the competitors.


The innovative surf contest brought thousands to the beach to see who would take home first place.

The surfers use a jet ski and a tow rope to accelerate before catching as much air as possible from the waves — known as “tow-at” surfing. Three of the six competitors this year just so happened to be brothers, Cody, Evan (who won in 2016) and Tristian Thompson.

Red Bull Night Riders was recently featured in a video by Discovery Canada, which you can catch a snippet of below.