Most, if not all of the good feeling from the win over Miami is gone. That’s what a 51 to 17 loss will do, even against what looks to be the best team in the NFL. A normal blowout or easy win for New England would have been one thing, but they never even had to use their punter.

Did the Jags really take a step back, or did they just get beat by a team that blows out the Colts in a similar fashion every postseason? Really. They beat Indi 44 to 17 in the AFC Title game last year, with much higher stakes and almost the same score. It’s disheartening to see a massacre like this, but it doesn’t mean the Jags are toast for the rest of the year.

There’s no need to break down the loss too deeply. Brady and the Pats didn’t punt. They didn’t come close to punting. They kicked three FGs, but besides that, there were no stops. However, the Jags secondary was and is really banged up. Hopefully, some of them get back on the field soon, otherwise they could be without five members of the secondary next week.


The offense was the most discouraging part from Sunday. With little running room, Bortles with a crucial pick, and timely penalties sealed it early for him. The O-line looked to be improved in pass blocking, but didn’t open up a lot of space for T.J. Yeldon and the other backs.

The best part about week three is that every AFC South team is 1-2. Next week, the Jags will get a chance to take the division lead during their game in Indianapolis. The division may be the worst in the entire NFL, and they don’t have to go through New England to win it or even compete in it down the stretch (thank god).

Personally, I think they took a small step back, but nothing major. The offense played around the level it did during week one and the defense got reamed by a team people are predicting could go 16 and 0. How it happened and how lost and hapless they looked at times is the only concerning part for the Jags. Oh, and the massive amount of injuries piling up. The Colts have a lot of problems, and so does Tennessee and Houston, but one of these teams has to win the AFC South.