Dez Nado stands for the definition of effort and zeal in ambition and dedication to opportunity. The Jacksonville product has lived up to the name as he was recently given the “2014 Artist of the Year” award at the 4th Annual Duval Music Festival. Dez won his first award in 2008 for Rookie of the Year.

That is his latest single “Swang My Way,” and he is currently promoting his upcoming album VIPSquadAllStarz3 that features Bruno Mars. Nado independently launched and produced Jacksonville’s first and only reality TV series, “Life & Grind: Duval,” which airs locally on Comcast channel 225.

“I’m not big on awards, but it means a lot to be recognized for all the work you put in,” he said. “It’s motivation, and validation to keep the grind up, work harder and see what else you can push yourself to achieve.”

You can check out his discography, bio and events at and purchase his music on iTunes. He will be performing at One Spark  and Duval Spring Fest 2015.

Watch the video for “KindaDed” below.