— One who possesses taste, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool


— Definitions are too mainstream. Hipster’s can’t be defined because then they’d fit in a category … and thus be too mainstream.

Death 2 Hipsters tackles all of the tough issues surrounding the world of surfing today. From meticulously groomed beards, to obnoxious floral shirts, to ironic thick-framed glasses, director Alex DePhillipo examines the prominence of hipster-like behavior in this film.

Merging a unique comedic style with segments from talented surfers, including Andrew Gesler, Jamie O’Brien, Rob Kelly and Mason Ho, DePhillipo describes a recent trend in the surfing world satirically, yet accurately. DePhillipo first informs viewers of the true definition of a hipster.

The piece documents the challenges Gesler faces after falling into the “hip” crowd of surfing.

This group of the most hip surfers includes Australians Chippa Wilson, Jack Freestone and Kai Neville. The trio become victims of DePhillipo’s dry sarcasm, showcasing a conflicting ideology on what makes a surfer truly talented. Neville and his stars are depicted as being the ultimate deciding factors of what is cool or “so not cool” in the sport.

Death 2 Hipsters isn’t just all fun and jokes however, the cinematography is beautiful, including striking scenes of world-class surfers running across the snow-covered beaches of New Jersey to snag some of the heaviest barrels you’ve seen.

DePhillipo and Dark Fall Productions have created a humorous film while still documenting insane sessions from some of the most talented surfers out here. Death 2 Hipsters is the perfect balance between gratuitous entertainment and pure athletic talent.

Watch it below.

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