What’s your all-time favorite halftime show performance? Prince in the rain? 2004’s wardrobe malfunction? Please don’t make things complicated and say “Michael Jackson.”

Might we submit Darkhorse Saloon for consideration? On Saturday night the local ruffians of hard rock riffage will serve as the halftime entertainment at the National Arena League Championship held at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena.

From the Jacksonville Shark’s (who’ll face the Carolina Cobras for the title on Saturday) Facebook page:

Jacksonville it’s official, The 2019 National Arena League Championship will feature Dark Horse Saloon as the halftime performance! Come see the Sharks and Cobras battle for another title and enjoy DHS at Halftime!

What will the Salooners play? Will they be joined by special guests such as Britney Spears or Destiny’s Child? We can’t be sure. But it’s bound to be more interesting than a Maroon 5 set.

For evidence of that, click play to peep the band rattling the walls at Void HQ.