A new online petition hit change.org when Jacksonville resident, Angela Anderson, proposed to designate a one mile stretch of Jax Beach as a clothing optional beach. The petition, posted earlier this  month, has gained over 500 signatures, with a current goal of 1,000 signatures.  The petition states, “Just as we have given way to respect other’s cultures and our environment, we must allow others to practice their beliefs.”

Nude beach.

The feelings on the subject have been mixed. Some argue that Jax Beach is a family friendly place and this is not something we want to be known for. While others see being a naturalist as a recreational activity and a form of human expression, says Anderson. Mayor Latham was quick to dismiss the idea, telling the Florida Times-Union that this was not going to happen under his watch.

“I am asking that the city of Jacksonville allow all people to practice our personal freedom and designate one mile of Jacksonville Beach as clothing optional. If you agree, please sign your name and spread the word,” Anderson said.

While there are a few nude and private beaches in Florida, here in Jacksonville Beach, those who dare to bare must do so elsewhere. Find the petition’s Facebook page here.